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Point Contact Hygienesis have been trading since 1973 and are located in Linton, near Cambridge.

Commercial Dishwashing and Glasswashing Detergents for Machines

Machine dishwashing is one of our strengths. With multiple products and pack sizes, not only your results but your customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Pre-emptive servicing by our qualified staff ensures an uninterrupted operation. Whatever your conditions: hard water or soft. Heavy soiling or light. Stainless or crystal we have the exact combination of detergent and rinse aid for you.

Descaling is simple and fast with Point '6' or powder descaler. Whether it is your dishwasher; bain marie or coffee machine gleaming results are assured.

PC Rinse Aid

Hard/soft water
Dosed to your requirements


JD 14

Hard water - heavy soiling.
Economics = 2 mil per litre in the tank for optimum results.



Soft water - heavy soiling.
Economics = 1 mil per litre in the tank for execeptional results.



Glass washing machine detergent.
Economics = 1 mil per litre.
Deals with lipstick



Glass washing machine rinse aid.
Economics = 200 ppm.
Sparkling results.


PW 10H

Aluminium pot wash detergent.
Economics = 4 mil per litre in the tank.
For demise of heavy soiling.


Dishwashing and Glasswashing Detergents for Hand Washing

Hand dishwashing and potwashing without drying the skin is best served with our P.B.21 or Mild Super "C".

Mild Super "C"

Hand dishwashing detergent
Concentrated liquid from our earliest range - great!


Sandet "C" Special

Super blend of concentrated detergents and sanitisers. Effectively destroys grease and bacteria in the sink, on preparation surfaces and equipment.


PB 21

Our "top of the range" detergent for washing up in the sink. Dishes and cutlery sparkle.


Point 6

Acid Descaler


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